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Cardin Loop detector stand alone 24V

Device for detecting the presence of metallic masses in a magnetic field generated by a special external circuit (sensitive coil) connected to it. The appliance can be used to control either single or multiple passageways connected to a computer with the possibility of detecting the direction in which the traffic is moving (rapid passage mode up to 100 km/h). Multiple appliances working together allow you to have real time control over the parking situation in a variable number of parking lots in one or more zones.

The system is made up of four components:
  • a detection device contained in a special protective case
  • a sensitive element (not supplied by us) that should be made up of a multipolar cable with one or more wires and must respect the measurements as specified in the drawings
  • a bipolar cable (not supplied by us) with which to connect the sensitive element to the detecting device.
If you use two single-wire cables these should be loosely wound together.  Overall dimensions 146 x 64 x 38.

£104.40 inc Vat. £87.00 ex. Vat


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